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Places to Avoid if you have concerns about the use of pesticides and chemicals either for your health or because you will no longer contribute to the financial viability of any place that puts profits/poisons before people.

It seems to me that the paths to resistance are quite clear.  To individually and collectively  cause change, we must put our dollars where our beliefs are.  Stop spending money where they use poisons!  This is the principle GANDHIJI taught us in India.

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New York City has become notorious for ignoring the health of its citizens as it has sprayed and plans to spray streets, parks and homes with volatile pesticide poisons.  

Plan to Spray City:
Citizen who fled the City:


Florida Senate Votes to Pump untreated human and animal waste and agricultural runoff into aquifer:


All Car Rental Companies:


Wine Country/Vineyards:  California is gearing up to saturate everything (and everybody) near  vineyards to save the "crop" from the Glassy Winged Sharp Shooter:

Schools near Agriculture:  California allows spraying of pesticides and field fumigation near schools.


It is the Law that every home must be soaked with volatile Pesticide Poisons prior to title transfer:


All Incoming/Outgoing Planes:



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