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Hi Steve,

I stumbled upon your web site and I am really glad that I found you.

I live in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Many times a year water birds will come and feed in my front and sometimes back yard.  I live on a hill and depend on a good lawn to prevent erosion.  Recently I discovered that I have grubs eating the roots of my grass causing it to die and leaving bare patches.
Do you have any recommendation about how to get rid of these creatures with out digging up each and every one?  I like feeding the birds but not with these grubs?
MZ Steele
St. Petersburg

Dear MZ Steele,  I have a friend in the lawn care business in your town - I have forwarded
your request to him.  If I were there I would simply use composted chicken manure - the grubs are gone in days and the manure is an excellent fertilizer.  Because it is properly composted there really is no odor or problem with harmful bacteria.  In a pinch you can spray Safe Solutions' Enzyme Cleaner in a hose end sprayer.  You can also purchase my book entitled THE BEST CONTROL.  Steve.
MZ Steele wrote:


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