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I too, have recently had a problem with ants.  I live in Bangor Maine and I have been finding large black ants on the first floor of my home and outside on my porch.  They are usually all alone.  Early this morning I turned over in bed and was bitten by something.  It was a large black ant with either light brown or yellow stripes on it's abdomen.  It is larger then the others at 3/4 inches in length and also was all by itself.  I have never seen ants on the third floor of my home only on the first.  The darn thing even drew blood, that is how hard it bit.  What type of ant is this? Is it likely that there are more of them around? If so, what are the best measures I can take to eradicated them?  By the way I have saved the ant in a jar in case anyone would care to see it. Thank you
Sherry R.
Bangor, Maine


- it sounds like these people have carpenter ants but, they should send the ant specimen to their State entomologist for verification.

It would be my suggestion they place some small wet rice and some chopped crickets and some applesauce on tin foil (in seperate little piles) and then watch the ants take the food of their choice back to their nest.  If no ants take the food during the day, they will at night so follow them back to the nest with a red light.  If the ants still do not take any of these baits try peanut butter and light Karo Syrup.  If the nest is located in the ground you can flood it with copious amounts of diluted Safe Solutions' Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint (2 oz per gallon of water).  If the nest is in wood you can add 1 cup of borax to the above mixes and spray the nest thoroughly (caution: borax will kill plants) and/or then fill the cavity with aerosol foam insulation.  You can also sprinkle borax on the bait of the ant's choice (like you are salting it - then thoroughly mix it in) and allow the ants to carry the borax bait back and kill the colony for you but this can take weeks.  Be careful not to let any pet, animal or child eat or play with any of your baits.  Ants generally will not cross a line of lightly dusted talcum powder, medicated body powder, (dry) Tide laundry detergent, petroleum jelly, perfume, Comet and/or chalk - if one does not work, try another option.  Best of luck, sleep tight and do not let the ants bite,  Steve.

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