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I wonder if you could tell me if the ingredients of this Product (Enviroman's "Bugs 'R' Done") are indeed safe to be used around humans.

Contains active ingredients peach aldehyde, d-limonene, gamma lactone.  Contains mineral spirits. Claims to be made with pure orange peel extract.

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Limonene and Linalool (Citrus Peel Extracts) - Contain insecticidal compounds that kill many insect pests, e.g., fire ants, and fleas, but may be of low toxicity to mammals.  There is some controversy as to their safety and should, therefore, only be used with discretion and proper notification.  The two most effective insecticidal compounds are d-limonene, a terpene that constitutes about 90% of crude citrus oil, and linalool, a terpene alcohol. Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in essential oils.  They are used as solvents, fragrances and flavors in cosmetics and beverages.  Linalool can also be extracted from pine wood. Citrus oils have a fresh floral odor and an oil consistency.  Limonene and linalool are contact poisons that heighten sensory nerve activity in insects, causing massive over-stimulation of motor nerves that leads to convulsion and paralysis.  Some insects, such as adult fleas, can recover from the initial paralysis unless limonene is synergized by pipernoyl butoxide (PBO), or formulated with sodium borate - not done commercially as yet. It has been determined that linalool is not a cholinesterase inhibitor (a nerve poison), but it is when formulated with the questionable pipernoyl butoxide.  Limonene and linalool are available in aerosol and liquid products.  They are currently marketed primarily as flea dips and shampoos but are also formulated with insecticidal soap for use as contact poisons.  When applied topically to some laboratory animals both compounds can irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Both moderate and high does of these substances can cause tremors, excess salivation, lack of coordination and muscle weakness.  However, the symptoms are usually temporary, lasting several hours to several days, and the animals usually recover fully.  Limonene has been shown to promote tumor formation in mouse skin, so use these products sparingly and with proper notification.  Limonene and linalool are currently registered for use against fleas, aphids and mites, but, these compounds also kill fire ants, houseflies, stable flies, black soldier flies, paper wasps and house crickets.  In a field test using grated limes, all the fruit flies were immobilized in 15 minutes, and all were dead in two hours.  Citrus oils (commercial or homemade), therefore, have the potential for much wider use, including treatments for livestock and human ectoparasites, fumigation of food handling and storage facilities and household pest control.

Hope this helps answer your questions.  Steve Tvedten

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