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Do you have any suggestions for keeping crows away from our outdoor patio's garbage cans?  I've tried two chemical repellants (BYE-BYE Birdie and one other I can't remember the name of) and found neither worked.  I'm not sure whether the failure was in the application (it seemed they were both geared toward a site where the product could be widely broadcast) or that the crows are especially draw to our trash - and are determined to get there before the racoons...  I was thinking of trying a product called Hot Pepper Wax which seemed to indicate it was environmentally safe, but the label did not specify crows.  I don't want to invest in a mechanical device like Jerry Baker's hanging magnetic field barrier or whatever works' ultrasonic bird chaser because of the cost and the uncertainty of the crows learning to master those devices.
Awaiting you reply,
Leif Berg
Maintenance Supervisor
SPI Lighting Inc.
10400 N Enterprise Drive
Mequon, WI 53092
414-242-1420 ext. 3076
414-242-1879 fax


Dear Leif - I know an inexpensive trick that works for seagulls, it may work to prevent ceows.  Put up a "canopy" of fish line or clothesline above the cans in a random pattern. Birds do not like string or lines to touch their legs or wings.  Let me know how it works, you need my book on cd-rom.   Steve.

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