Emails to Steve Tvedten, author of "The Best Control"
Sheryl Anne wrote:

Dear Steve,
I wrote you a while ago, I am the one who got your name from Janette Sherman. This is the story:  Someone I know lives in a development on a golf course.  I am in e mail communication with her son-in-law, who investigates environmental issues.  I asked him to print out information from your site to give to his mother-in-law so that she could decide if she wanted to speak to the people who tend the golf course, in the hopes that they switch what they use to kill insects.

This is the point:  My friend read your entire site but said that no where do you actually clarify the products you use, from a scientific point of view, and you also do not explain how they work. My request:  Could you send me detailed information so that I can pass it on to him?
Thank you,
? Sheryl

Dear Sheryl Anne - This is really an interesting request - the course owner may not even be interested and/or the poison applicators  have no science on what they are currently using to try and "control" pests with dangerous poisons that kill/harm man and the environment - yet they want me to explain how I safely removed all pests inside and outside in over 350 schools using my safe alternatives for free.

There are "Efficacy Tests" that prove their poison's active ingredient "works' when the whole world knows the insects are already resistant.  These "tests or studies" also do not consider any of the dangers of their "inerts', metabolites, contaminants. and/or the dangers of any/all the synergistic effects of the bulk of their poison formula as it all interacts with other poisons, chemicals and/or medications.  That truly is "junk" science. One of my patent-pending controls is the use of GRAS enzymes.  All insects molt by using an enzyme "zipper" and thus they can never become immune to my patent-pending use of safe enzymes. That is sound science and can be easily proven by anyone, anywhere. 

I have also thoroughly researched, developed, created, investigated, and/or studied about 1700 alternative controls that work safer, cheaper, more effectively than all of their dangerous poisons. But, I do not have the time to try to convert any/all of the poison applicators - especially those who are not even interested, or that are in denial and/or think they are "protecting" you with their poisons.- or that they are even "contolling" the pests.

I am truly sorry that people are being poisoned but, if my field test results are not "proof" enough, I do not know what else will convince them.  If someone has a specific question - I will answer that - if they need all of the science on all of my alternatives - they should  take my course for $5000.

Have a great day!  Steve. 

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