Itching after using pesticides.
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We do not know what it is but we are itching.  Been to the doctor, does not think it is scabies, etc...three in family, all three infected in different ways but all itching, with is worse at night.  See no trails, rash, etc. but I have noticed discoloring of the skin.  Used Lindane shampoo, and permethrin 5%, but the cream not used properly by all three family members.  Extreme cleaning of house, washing all bedding and clothing, using bedding sprays and letting matress air, etc....etc.  Ongoing for a year, subsides, then worsens, etc... Would appreciate any advice.


I am not a medical doctor, but, you may be itching from all of the POISONS you have been using.  Get and read the MSDS for Permethrin and Lindane and read them now.  Stop using all of the toxic cleaners, etc. and clean/bathe only with natural products e.g., soap and/or borax  properly diluted in water.  If you still itch in a week or so, filter the air, sleep in a new location (e.g., on the floor or in a motel) and/or clean/wash with Kleen Kill Enzyme Cleaners per their label directons.  If you still are itching as badly in a few weeks, write me again and/or have an entomologist check your home for a mite infestation.  Steve Tvedten

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