Mold under mobile home - New Hampshire
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I hope that you can give me some information as I have a terrible problem and have been unable to get any advice locally. I live in a mobile home that does not sit on a concrete pad. I have recently discovered that the ground beneath the house is loaded with mold. I need to correct this problem as soon as possible due to health reasons. Please give me any information that you can. Thank you so much for you attention as this is really an emergency situation and needs to be corrected at once.

Mary B.


Dear Mary,  Mold does not live where you spray borax.  You can usually find borax in your laundry department.  Mix at a rate of 1 - 2 cups per gallon of hot water and spray as needed.  Borax will also kill plants and should never be ingested - so keep the product away from people and animals.  Remember to be careful - even though people wash diapers in borax.  Borax is what they use to keep cellulose insulation insect and mold free and fire-retardant.  Check out I have many suggestions there.  Steve.

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