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"Hi Steve,

I have a City Park Director who is having problems with moles in her yard.

She doesn't want or believe in using any poisons. I have looked in Common Sense Pest Control. It states

1.Moles are primarily beneficial - they eat pest insects and improve the soil through aeration. Do not kill them unless their damage is becoming intolerable. I assume it has become intolerable since she doesn't like to kill things.

It then says you can cut the grub population (their feeding source) with the bacterial spray Bacillus popilliae or Nematodes or Build a pit trap with a coffee can or flush them out and drown babies in the spring. (I don't think she would want to do this).

It seems to me the best solution is the nematodes?  What is your suggestion?

She is a staunch supporter of anti-pesticides in the area and she will be a great ally for me to educate the surrounding towns where we live.

She allows no pesticides used in her parks. It also helps that her husband is the city administrator.

Take Care!, Sue


Dear Sue,

I have found that in using a thoroughly composted chicken manure (one that is free from coliform and other dangerous bacteria) you can create not only organic materials for the soil but, an explosion of micro-organisms. Within a few days there are no grubs, within a few weeks there are no moles and within a few years there are basically no weeds.

You can safely and effectively kill any creature in the ground e.g., rats, yellow jackets, fire ants, moles, etc. with carbon dioxide. The gas is heavier than air and pushes all of the good air out, leaving only carbon dioxide in the ground to put whatever is in the tunnels, etc. first to sleep and then to death. PETA has in the past (when necessary) recommended/allowed the use of my carbon dioxide technique - because it is safe for people, pets, and the environment - and painless to the "pest".

You can repel moles with castor oil and soap ------ there are many safe and effective alternatives -- even for the moles ---- read my The Best Control..

Have a great day! Steve

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