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I just moved in my new rental house. The landlord talks more than does. So I want to speed up the process here... I have new 2 roommates and I believe 2 new ones living above my attic bedroom. I call the squirrels, Rocko and Petey. I hear them gnawing on the wood up above me and talk many a days about going "to Tim Hortons for an acorn cinnamon roll" , my worst fear is that they'll chew their way in and go berzerk all over the place, like the Ray Stevens song of "the squirrel who goes berzerk in the first baptist church".... I don't want them to go up a ladies skirt and let alone just be there. Yes they, just to me, are "glorified rats" with fluffy tails. I want them to move on. I have 4 cats and that fact could be in my favor, but I would like they to be an easy way to get them out. I did see on another web site that they were selling a $55 sonic wave thing that only squirrels can hear, not humans and birds, and keeps the creatures at a distance. I asked them about cats being affected, had not gotten a response yet. You seem to know the behavoir of the any kind of varmits, what's the squirrels gig?

God bless the squirrels!

Miss Jones

Get two live traps (squirrel or larger size) put some sliced apple covered with peanut butter and "dusted" with bird seeds in the very back of your live traps. Position them in the attic or outside where you see your" tree rats", and wait. Once you have them in the trap take them at least 5 miles away and release them in a park or forest. Check with your local DNR they may rent traps - be sure that you can "legally" transport and/or trap squirrels in your particular area.

Good trapping! Steve

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