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Giles Gober wrote: 

 Stephen, I caught an old string of a conversation that you had placed on the E-net where you said that you had rid many schools of pests with environmentally friendly stuff.  I have had termites in my house for the past 9 years, and Orkin has been "treating" them for 12 years.  Yes, I was snookered into buying a house that had an active infestation, Orkin had claimed it was "clear" before we closed on the house.  Anyway, they are doing a job on my house.  I live in south Louisiana, the soil is good and damp.  I have not got a clue in regards to ridding my house of these pests.  If you can help, my name is Giles Gober, and my E-mail address is  My house is of slab construction, and the little critters are coming up where my water pipes penetrate the concrete slab.  Thanks


Dear Giles, Ever since New Zeeland began treating their wood with borax in 1953 - they never have had one incidence of termite (re)infestation,  Spray all infested wood (partially open the bottom of your walls if you have to) with 1 1/2 cups of 20 Mule Team borax per gallon of hot water, 3 times to the point of run-off.  Let the wood dry for several hours before respraying.  You can get detailed instructions in  my book entitled "The Best Control" available as a CDRom on my website or at  Orkin should treat this ongoing reinfestation for you for free using a registered termiticide called sodium borate (high-class borax).  Keep all boron products out of the reach of children and/or pets.  Borax is toxic if eaten or ingested, you will find borax for sale in the laundry section - it is not labeled as a pesticide or for use in pest control.  Steve. 

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