Weavils in Food Pantry

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Jafrailene wrote:

Can you recommend a insecticide to control weavils.  They are breeding in my food pantry.  I have removed every item, cleaned the shelves, but they continue to return.  Please advise.  Thank you.

You have to remove (and then throw away) all infested food items.  Store all remaining food items (including dog food) in the refrigerator or in sealed glass containers.  I would then vacumn the cupboards and then clean them with 20 Mule team borax - about a cup per gallon of hot water.  Be sure you do not contaminate food, dishes and/or utensils with the borax. You could also clean the cupboards with Kleen Kill Enzyme Cleaner. Steve.

Followup question:

Thank you so very much.  After finishing with scrubbing the shelves, may I return the food products to them?

In sealed containers.  Steve

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