TVA sprays property with highly toxic pesticides/herbicides killing animals and injuring people.

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In June of 1999, I also suffered a similar fate similar to the Price's. I own 55 acres of land in Walker County, Georgia in the town of Flintstone. The property is in the middle of an EPA listed endangered species habitat for the Mountain Scullcap which is a wildflower. For the past 15 years I have maintained the property as a wildlife refuge. In 1995 I had advised the Tennessee Valley Authority not to spray the property because of various endangered species that were on the property.  In 1999 Superior Forestry Service of Tilly, Arkansas, under contract to TVA sprayed the property with the three herbicides listed in the heading. Fosamine Ammonia and Glyphosate are both organophosphate herbicides. Imizapyr is an alkyl imidazolinone herbicide. There is much documentation available on Glyphosate. Very little information is available of Fosamine Ammonia. Even less information is to be had for Imizapyr. Because of the limited data available, I stated studying chemistry with special attention to radiation biology. YOU READ IT CORRECTLY. The phosphates contain contaminants that include heavy metals, all of which appear to be radioactive. I have also been doing 24 hour a day radiation monitoring since May of 2000. I don't know how the Price's came out with the Georgia Department of Agriculture but I can tell you that I got no help out of them. Actually the report that they issued stated that Glyphosate and Fosamine Ammonia were not organophosphate herbicides. My husband and I even contacted the NRC after we discovered the higher than normal radiation readings. They would not come out and test. All our efforts to get any government agency to assist were fruitless.

We did send out some soil samples for radiation profiles which came back with CS-137, RA-226, K-40 and BE-7. We also took soil samples to a lab and had them run. The most interesting part of the results were high phosphorous, aluminum, magnesium, potassium, iron and silicone. The silicone level in cat remains that were tested was 266,000 PPM.

We have a freezer full of dead fish, birds, insects and animals. We still have animals dying.

Another interesting thing found was mustard gas in two different samples that were sent to the lab. On another note, the human aspect. I have antigens in my blood for Lupus and Scleroderma as a direct result of the herbicides. My husband and I both continue to suffer such things as acid indegestion, dizzyness, blured vision, ringing in the ears, skin rashes, somnolence, agitation just to name a few.

We have been through five attorneys with no luck. No one is willing to take on the Tennessee Valley Authority along with DuPont, Monsanto and American Cyanamid and the contractor Superior Forestry Service.

If you live in the Atlanta area you have a higher exposure to chemical and radiation polution that more rural areas. Try to get a copy of the Georgia Environmental Radiation Surveillence Report from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. Also go to EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and download the Re-registration eligibily decisions for Glyphosate, Fosamie and Alkyl Imidazolinine. You will find all this very useful information.

If anyone would like more information, please call on me. I don't want to see this happen to anyone else.

Sandra L. Hodge
P.O. Box 253
Flintstone, GA 30725
Home (706) 820-1814
Office (423) 870-4111
Fax (423) 870-4113

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