An Open Question to any sane member of EPA, FDA, DPR and/or DOA -

You have been given the task of finding alternatives to dangerous pesticide poisons.
  •  The President wants alternatives!
  •  The Congress wants alternatives!
  •  The People (who pay your salaries) want alternatives!
  •  You are mandated  to find alternatives...
  • As stated in your own Pesticide Environmental Stewardship ProgramUpdate #2:
    "In recognition of the need to maintain cost-effective pest control in the marketplace, the federal government will seek to foster, fund and promote through education, research and other means the adoption of alternative pest management technologies and practices that enhance pest management and reduce pesticide use and risk."

    However, it appears that each time you are presented with a non-toxic solution/product (that is a safe and effective "alternative") to the current use of dangerous pesticide poisons, your "knee jerk" reaction is to automatically say that any alternative that actually works better and safer and more effectively to control pests than your "registered" pesticide poisons - magically becomes another "pesticide poison" and must therefore be registered as a pesticide poison even though it is not a poison.  Therefore by your daffynition there simply are not any possible alternatives.

    As a citizen of this country, I demand to know your definition of the word "alternative" .

    Up to this date, I have been unable to find one sane person within our government with enough intelligence and integrity to simply describe the word "alternative" as it would appear in any common use dictionary.

    How on earth can you "find any alternatives" if you have absolutely no idea what you're looking for and/or how to even define the simple word - "alternative"?

    I have taken the liberty to provide you with the New Webster's Dictionary's definition:

    a. offering a choice of two things;
    n. a choice of two things.
    My dear little bureaucrats, something is very wrong when you can not officially determine that some safe alternative controls are what they purport to be, ALTERNATIVE CHOICES TO YOUR DANGEROUS "REGISTERED" PESTICIDE POISONS!

    I really hope to debate you on this issue on national television.

    Stephen L. Tvedten.

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