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December, 1999 - January, 2000 Edition

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Well, are your ready  for the Y2K Bug?  Only time will tell how we will have controlled the potential problems.

It has been a very interesting year.  We just heard that Dr. Tom Hanley of the U. S. Department of Education is investigating our alternative pest control program.  Hopefully, this will be the breakthrough we need to protect the Nation’s children from needless pesticide poison contamination.  Dr. L. Eugene Arnold wrote him about our program and noted the peer-reviewed Mexican study showing the difference in I.Q. and person drawings between Valley children exposed to insecticide poison contamination of home environment and Hill children of the same genome and SES in the same general community (hill and valley people intermarry) but with the Hill people’s drinking water uncontaminated with pesticide poisons.  There is a great difference in academic performance between the intoxicated and those that are not.  It is simply a matter of common sense, but common sense is not too common.

Pledge Allegiance:
 Johnny was at his first day of school.  The teacher advised the class that they start the day with the pledge of allegiance and instructed them to put their right hand over their heart and repeat after him.
As he starts the recitation he looks around the room, “I pledge allegiance to the flag...”  When his eyes fell on Johnny, he found had his hand over the right cheek of his buttocks.
“Johnny, I will not continue ‘till you put your hand over your heart.”    Johnny replied, “It is over my heart.”
After several attempts to get Johnny to put his hand over his heart the teacher asked, “Why do you think that is your heart?”
“Because every time my Grandma comes to visit she picks me up and pats me here and says, ‘Bless your little heart,” and my Grandma wouldn’t lie.”

A new pest control use for Kleen Kill Enzyme cleaner:

Put 10% of the concentrate in 90% of molasses used for fermenting. This bait will quickly control cockroaches and sweet-eating ants. You can also lightly spray the concentration on dry corn meal and let it dry and then use this material as a bait.  Only Kleen Kill Enzyme Cleaner will work this way.

A new and better roach trap can be made using a can of Scotch 77 or 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive on paper or into a brown paper bag; add some roach droppings, a slice of onion or a piece of beer-soaked bread and leave wherever you see roaches.  The longer you can leave the trap, the more pests will be attracted.  Simply collapse the bag or the paper on itself when you are through and throw it all in the trash.

The City Slicker
 A city slicker moves to the country and decides he’s going to take up farming.  He heads to the local co-op and tells the man, “Give me 100 baby chickens.”  The co-op man complies.
A week later the man returns and says, “Give me 200 baby chickens.”  The co-op man complies.
Again, a week later the man returns.  This time he says, “Give me 500 baby chickens.”
“Wow!” The co-op man replies.  “You must really be doing well!”
“Naw,” said the man with a sigh.  “I’m either planting them too deep or too far apart!”

A few people have been calling with an ongoing mice problem.  Hopefully, all doors have been repaired so you can not see light under them.  Next, find out who is feeding these pests and making “pets” out of them.  Good housekeeping, rodent-proofing and proper storage of snacks goes a long way in controlling mice infestations.

Once you have a mouse problem, it quickly can become a mice problem, especially if you have teachers that have open food products used for play and/or snacks.  You might as well name them and pretend they are “Mickey’s” relatives.  It is funny that usually the people who have created the mice problem object so much to glue boards and other means of “control”.  If you have people who will not let you control the mice and/or still are feeding the mice, please report this matter so we can address it.

If you have not had an in service program recently, we should set one up.  There have been a lot of advancements and ideas.

We are now working on a disposable head covering to use in combination with Not Nice to Lice.

We also have a new protocol for scabies and dust mites.

We now have Not Nice to Lice in individual boxes with instructions.

Thank you for helping protect the children and the environment.  We really appreciate your efforts.



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