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August, 1999 Edition

Boy! What ever happened to the Summer?  School is about to start and I know we all ae rushing to complete many jobs, but Steve thought you might take a little time for a little story.

    The third-grade teacher was shocked to find a number of foul words scrawled on the blackboard when she walked into the classroom.  "Children," she said sternly, "you are much too young to use such vile language.  Now we're all going to close our eyes and count to 50, and while we're counting I want the little boy or girl who wrote those words to tiptoe up and erase them."
    At the signal, the teacher and her students closed their eyes and the teacher counted out loud, very slowly.  When she reached 50, she said, "All right, class, everybody open their eyes."
    All eyes when to the blackboard.
    None of the words had been erased, and below them was the message:  "The Phantom strikes again."

Get Set, Inc.  ... on the move and Setting the standard for non-toxic pest control...

    Steve will be teaching a post graduate course on Psychmmun Neuro Toxicology (Effects of Pesticide Poisons on Man) including treatment protocols at the Indiana Academy of Osteopathy on 8/20 and 8/22/99.

    The September issue of the Ladies' Home Journal has an interesting article entitled, "Toxicville"starting on page 106 and ending on page 116.  This article linked with so many other instances of pesticide poisonings throughout the country makes all of us wonder... who is next?
    The article has Dr. Marion Moses' concluding article Keeping Your Kids Safe from Pesticides with some of Steve alternative products/control including Not Nice to Lice® and Not Nice to Fleas®.
    Dr. Moses has also written about our Not Nice to Lice® in a letter to Mothering Magazine.

    The U.S. News and World Report interviewed Steve while he was in Ohio this month for an upcoming article regarding the dangers of Dursban and possible alternatives to this dangerous organophosphate.
    Two other organophosphates were basically removed by the EPA for food use pesticide poisons this Month.

Notes to Schools utilizing Get Set's Alternative Pest Management Program...

    Remember, you need to check if you have enough Kleen Kill Enzyme Cleaner and Kleen Kill Peppermint Soap to combat stinging insects once school starts.

Remember, Not Nice to Lice is available to protect the children in our schools without charge.

One last thought ... Be sure you send out notification letters and give us your results.

Over 350 schools have discovered the benefits of being pesticide (and pest) free. If you are interested in Get Set, Inc.'s Non-Toxic Pest Management Program for your school, please give us a call.

Here is a newspaper reprint of one school's experience with the Get Set Program.

Enjoy the last few days of Summer

The Get Set Team

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