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September, 1999 Edition

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Do you know the difference between education and experience??
Education is when you are able to read the fine print.  Experience is when you don't

Well, school is back in session and some of us have apparently forgotten what to do with stinging insects.  Please call us before you caulk or spray poisons!  If you have forgotten how to control stinging insects, Rosalind will go through the correct procedure with you or will fax you Steve's newest chapter or will send one of us to help.  PLEASE!  DO NOT CAULK THE STINGING INSECTS INSIDE AND DO NOT LET THE KIDS PLAY NEAR OR OVER STINGING INSECTS UNTIL THERE IS NO ACTIVITY!

     Remember, try to spray them with 2 oz. of peppermint soap and 4 oz. of enzymes per quart of water.  If they are in the ground, you should flood them with 2 to 3 gallons of water with 1 cup of enzymes and 4 oz. of peppermint soap or 1 cup of borax.  Don't forget how well a vacuum works and it is now time to install some 2-liter traps with 3" of Blue Hawaiian Punch near the dumpsters and garbage cans.

    Remember, you can rope off any bad areas until the problem is solved.

        I have heard that some schools are so tough the school newspapers have an obituary column and when the kids get their pictures taken, there is one from the front and one from the side.

    F   Never Raise your hands to these kids.  It leaves your groin unprotected.

    Thank God none of our kids are that bad!

School Year Schedule
    We are now returning to our monthly visits for the school year.  If you need to see us before this scheduled visit, please call.  Following is our tentative schedule for this coming year.  Vacation days will move our schedule.  Call if you have questions.
1st Monday:          Waverly/Saranac
1st Tuesday:        West Ottawa
1st Wednesday:     Greenville/Belding
1st Thursday:        Paw Paw/Bangor
2nd Monday:        Grand Haven/Fruitport/Coopersville
2nd Tuesday:        Shelby/Fremont
2nd Wednesday:    Sturgis/Van Buren
2nd Thursday:        Godwin Heights
3rd Monday:        Kalamazoo
3rd Tuesday:        Habor Springs/East Jordan
3rd Wednesday:    Sylvan

4th Monday:        Perrysburg/Yellowsprings
4th Tuesday:        Beavercreek/Mad River/Northmond
4th Wednesday:    Brookville/Twin Valley

Not Nice to Lice®
Sunday's (8/26/99) paper had an advertisement for Not Nice to Lice® in the Walgreen's section.  Osco Drugs and Winn Dixie will stock Not Nice to Lice® nationally in October.  Remember, to call us with your orders.  Ginesis Products is now insuring our districts that use Not Nice to Lice® for millions of dollars.  Palm Beach County in Florida just sent all of their pediculicide poisons back to the manufacturers.  They will only use Not Nice to Lice® in the future.  Thanks for your help in making all of this possible.  We want to eradicate head lice in the Next 3 years and with your help we will.

Mark Twain once observed, "A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

A Teacher Saved these Excerpts from Young Students' Essays:

Tip of the Month - Exclusion

    Cold weather is coming as evidenced by the nighttime temperatures.  Be sure to close your doors and properly install door sweeps and/or caulk before you have a rodent infestation.

    While exclusion techniques can keep most rodents out, it's important to remember that proper sanitation efforts deter rodents from wanting to come inside in the first place.  Rodents enter our buildings to gain access to shelter, food and/or water.  Ensuring that proper sanitation is being employed in your schools can make two of the most important rodent resources unavailable.
    Ongoing sanitation and exclusion efforts are a powerful one-tow punch in fighting rodents, and while there may be no such thing as a "rodent-proof" building, taking such steps can significantly reduce the chance of infestation.

Over 350 schools have discovered the benefits of being pesticide (and pest) free. If you are interested in Get Set, Inc.'s Non-Toxic Pest Management Program for your school, please give us a call.

Here is a newspaper reprint of one school's experience with the Get Set Program.

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