Health Care Without Harm


Dear Steve -

I am a member of a small group of individuals working within a larger group of people with Health Care Without Harm.

Our little group is working toward pesticide reduction -- to zero, hopefully -- in hospitals. Including in the foods they serve.

I could think of no better person to ask to join this group than you. When I suggested your name to the others, they were most anxious for me to ask you to please consider and we all hope you have the time and energy.

We meet by phone about once a month for about a one hour phone conference. We also keep in touch via email.

So far I've only found information regarding pesticide-free hospitals through the NY Attorney General's site.

I hope you feel encouraged by this project and have the time to join our activities.

Members -- a few of whom I've met -- include:

Amy Allina
National Women's Health Network 

Mary Lou Ballweg
Endometriosis Association 

Davis Baltz

Charlotte Brody
Center for Health, Environment, and Justice 

Gary Cohen
The Environmental Health Fund 

Jackie Elliott 

Wendy Jelinek
Endometriosis Association 

Kim Kelly
Endometriosis Association 

Michael Lerner
Commonweal/Jennifer Altman Foundation 

Betty Mekdeci
Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc. 

Ann Melamed
Center for Environmental Health 

Alice Osherman
MCS: Health and Environment 

Catherine Porter
Women's Cancer Resource Center 

Bill Ravanesi
Health Care Without Harm 

Dr. Ted Schettler
Health Care Without Harm 

Tiffany Skogstrom
Health Care Without Harm 

Barb Wilkie
Environmental Health Network ( 
Shawn Zack
All best wishes!

-- barb

I will be happy to help! Steve

10/00 --

The Citizen's Petition, Docket Number 99P-1340/CP 1 -- requesting FDA-required warning labels on fragrances -- is still open. Tell the FDA about your adverse reactions to fragrances and/or tell the FDA people have the RIGHT TO KNOW about toxins used to formulate synthetic fragrances.

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