Arizona Parent Comments on Efforts for School IPM Programs

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Hi Steve:

   This is just a comment to let you know I think you have won the war concerning the avoidance of the use of pesticides.  I know there will be battles and years of education ahead, but the future is clear--former patterns of pesticide use are on the way out.  Congratulations on your success and thanks for all your good work.

   Here in Arizona, Tucson schools are still using too many chemicals, but in Tempe, as described in the local paper yesterday, an effective IPM program has been implemented.

   In my senior years, I have looking at effects of pesticides on human health.  I have come to the conclusion that school exposures to pesticides (as well as home exposures) may very well play a major role in epidemics such as the ADD/ADHD mess.

   My question to you follows: Are there yet any data on rates of these disorders in IPM schools vs. heavy pesticide use schools?  I think that the use of pesticides such as pyrethroids which mimic the thyroid hormones in shape may very well be a cause of such health problems.

   The point is, positive data on such matters, if indeed it exists, would be a powerful tool for pushing ahead with more sane pest control practices.

   Again, many thanks.  I hope you may have some information on IPM and student health.

Bill Plapp


Dear Bill,  When we first started to work in Ohio, there was a study that less than half of the students could pass their proficiency tests.  In our IPM schools virtually 100% pass their proficiency exams.  It has been my observation that staff and stucents are less apt to call in sick when the schools remove the use of pesticides.  I have no idea if anyone else has successfully removed the use of all volatile pesticides inside and outside of other school districts.  It would be great if someone wanted to conduct a before and after study.  Steve

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