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Dear Mr. Tvedten,

I am impressed by your courage to dare the EPA in inviting its attention to the damage done by the pesticides. The numerous cases being compiled should be an eye opener for the Authorities in the developing countries.

Pesticides have done tremendous damage to the environment in Pakistan and are continuing to do so. I have classified such deals to force and continuing to force the use of similar techniques as case histories of Social Pollution. Such case histories suggest that that MNCs in the industrialized countries are particularly at it in pushing their worthless environmentally unfriendly products into the markets in developing countries. With so many of such case histories already available with me and so many more available from your website, I am encouraged to put them together in the form of a book and publish it as some thing like: Social Pollution and Case History of the Disasters of Pesticide Usage.

I am writing this to seek your permission to use the episodes in my proposed book.

Waiting for a reply,

With warm regards

Dr. Mirza Arshad Ali Beg.

Dear Steve,
A big thank you for all the information that you have been so kind to send to me. May God bless you greatly for all the work you are doing and have done in the past for those of us that are suffering from chemical illness.

Sincerely yours,

Your site deserves a Nobel Prize for service to humankind and the world.

It has touched my spirit today like few things I have read. Thank you for all of your hard work, thought and the love that went into it.

Much, much love,

Janette D. Sherman, M.D.


I just discovered your website. It is simply wonderful.  Let me know if I can every be of any service to you.

The first 10 years of my pesticide poisoning litigation experience, I was 100% defense, but after taking my first plaintiff case about 1982, I was fired by Orkin, Terminex, etc and since then I have handled about 2,000 lawsuits.....50/50 .....plaintiff/defense. My largest plaintiff judgment in a pesticide / MCS case was in Nashville, TN with a payment of $10,000,000.00 by Terminex AFTER appeal. I just took on a new pesticide poisoning case in South Texas with 2,000 plaintiffs suing most of the pesticide manufacturers in the US for decades of dumping and poisoning poor residents in an area near a pesticide production plant. I will tell you more about it later. it may still be confidential.

Please keep up the good work........we must stop the toxic misuse of a billion pounds of neurotoxic pesticides each year.



Rainbow Warrior

Your site is beautiful - thanks for displaying the story of the "Warriors of the Rainbow"! I have a favor to ask - if you will! I have remarried and my name has changed to Lelanie Fuller Anderson - if you would change it I would appreciate it! Also if you could link my WebPages to yours I would also appreciate it! I will reciprocate by linking yours to mine - if you so desire. 
Thanks again for such a lovely display of the story!

Wado and donada,
Dr. Lelanie Anderson, N.D., Ph.D.
'The Cherokee Lady'
Dr. Lelanie Anderson, N.D., Ph.D.
'The Cherokee Lady'

Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 11:44 PM
Subject: thanks

Thanks for the useful and beneficial site. 
Also, the butterflies following the cursor are a nice touch!

Date:  Sun, 25 Mar 2001 10:43:30 EST

You have a wonderful site. Had I educated myself instead of believing and trusting my vet my two beloved dogs would still be alive today. 
Unfortunately the use of Frontline 6 months prior to their death gave them cancer and I lost them both. My youngest was 14 months old. Thank you for getting this information out and I will definately pass you address around. 

Angie Reed

Dear Steve,

I can't thank you enough for your recent assistance in a time of great need. You kindly circulated Richard Bruce's request for doctors expert in chlorpyrifos poisoning. 

Dr Robert Simon responded immediately. He has given me a wealth of information and contacts and we plan to bring my daughter to California in the near future.

After presenting the treating psychiatrist with some of Dr Simon's research information, the dose of the psych drug was lowered and she was discharged within a few hours. 

She is probably the worst case of Dursban/brain effect ever seen. At last we'll talk to people who'll believe and understand.

Thank you more than I can say Steve.

Pamela Valenti

Hello Steve,

I just put up a message (also in alt.war.vietnam) directing readers to the page:

It's good. Did you have as much fun writing it as we are going to have reading it? ; ) 

I think I will put a link to your main page on my if you don't mind.

Thanks and regards,

Dave Webster aka WrdMizer(USENET handle)

My name is Joyce Riley and I co-host a radio show "The Power Hour". I would like to have you as a guest on my show. Could you please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX to schedule a time. I would appreciate a comp copy of the book prior to airing.

The Power Hour airs 8-10am cst and the guest is on 9-10am. We have a very responsive audience. I also do a show: The Riley Report from 1-2pmcst.

Please let me know.
Joyce Riley
PO Box 85
Versailles, MO 65084

Thank you for your wonderful work.

Dear Stephen T.,

Thank so much for your diligence and perseverance in keeping the public informed on current/controversial topics. May you live long enough to see heaven on earth in your lifetime, amen.

Vicki Abousamra



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