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Solves sewage and waste water treatment problems at up to 40% less equipment and energy costs

Improves water for drinking, swimming, fishing and boating

Tests by:
    • Mitsui
    • Orange County, Florida,
    • Pollution Control Department
    • Muller Engineering,
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • University of South Florida,
    • Tampa, Florida
    • Environmental Quality
    • Laboratory, Inc., Port
    • Charlotte, Florida
    • Florida Game and Fresh
    • Water Fish Commission
    • Aquatic Biologists, Fond du
    • Lac Wisconsin
  • Up to 97% removal of phosphorous and nitrogen (all forms), surface to bottom 
  • Stabilized pH surface to bottom, at levels safe for fish
  • Shifts from blue-green-algae to green planktonic species
  • Iron, manganese, and other metals oxidized
  • Reduction of algae and weeds
  • Up to 100% removal of toxic gases
  • Fully oxygenated water, surface to bottom
  • Reduced chlorophyl-a
  • Increased water clarity, decreased turbidly
  • Reduced plant minerals
  • Removal of bottom toxic gases
  • Reduction of bottom organic sediment
More than 2,000 Waste Water Projects, Lakes, Rivers, Ponds and Reserviors Since1970....
Restored the Way Nature Intended

Great for Fish

See How the System Works

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