Herbicide Drifting from Neighbor's overuse.

My brothers family lives next to someone who uses herbicides and uses

twice as much because my brother doesn't use them.  He is very flustered.  Do you know of some way he can detect and prove when herbicides are put into or drift into his yard and use that to confront the problem?


 My suggestion is that your brother contact Dr. Simon.  If your brother has told the neighbor not to contaminate his property with drifting or volatilizing herbicides/pesticides and your neighbor simply ignores the warning and uses twice as much--- and you do not use any volatile pesticides/herbicides and your neighbor sprays these toxins and your home is subsequently contaminated you can sue for chemical trespass and cleanup.  Normally if the neighbor is aware that you feel so strongly about chemical trespass that you will test and subsequently sue – the "normal" neighbor stops spraying POISONS.

 Here is information to contact Dr. Simon: http://www.getipm.com/products/toxicology.htm

Steve Tvedten


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