Insecticide Poisoning

Please send me information about the symptoms of insecticide poisoning and whether it can be detected by a blood test. If so, what test do you ask for?

Thank you. 
Lucy Warren 


The symptoms of pesticide poisoning, can obviously, vary by dose, individual sensitivity, type of and length of exposure, synergistic effects and by each individual toxin/"inert". Most Physicians are not trained in even looking for acute pesticide exposure effects - very few can accurately determine chronic effects. Multiple factors are constantly at play and we never are exposed to only one toxin at a time - this makes accurate diagnosis very difficult. Sometimes you can detect the specific toxin(s) in a blood test, but, it depends on who is testing, what they are looking for and how long ago the exposure was. It is now considered "normal" for each of us to carry many hundreds of contaminants/metabolites in our blood and adipose tissue. The best course of action is to avoid all such exposures to pesticides as much as is humanely possible. Steve


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