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If you can foreword this to Steve Please do.
I found your site because my children are having "resistant lice" problems, and I ordered some Not Nice to Lice.....

Mostly, I am writing about something I doubt I will find in his book, but he may be able to tell me where to go to get help. I need help avoiding the use of Roundup on my children's farm. Also, I would like to know if I can get his book in "hard copy" to carry around on my farm.

The problem:
I have a rare flower I am growing and plan to sell. I am building a children's farm that will serve as a safe employment place for single parents who are in family crisis whether they are battered, widowed.... whatever the reason. I will eventually have these parents working ...and their children playing ...on my farm.

I am so glad to have run into this article on Roundup, because I have been told by the state of Ohio to use it to prepare my flower beds.... in order to get rid of the weeds.

If it causes cancer.... I do not want to do this at all... Can someone there please direct me to a good source of weed control methods for 14+ acres? (I can not possibly pull all those weeds by hand) I need this information really really soon if you have any idea where to look.

Linda Esson Ligman
Mom and farmer on the Magic Flower Farm


Dear Linda,

The lice information you need is on my website - it is my chapter on human lice.You may download it and give it to anyone you want to.Not Nice to Lice is the only product that works. It not only safely and effectively removes lice it safely removes their nits.

The Best Control is to big to be put in a hard copy - that is why we put it on cdrom. You can find what you need a lot easier.

Your weed problem is a little different.Boiling water, steam, a propane flamer, layered newspaper, 4 mill black plastic and/or composted chicken manure will safely and far more effectively control weeds. "Weeds" are rarely the problem - they are the result.  They grow where nothing else will, or where you have left open soil. Often if you will properly plant, fertilize and irrigate - you will not have a weed problem.

Best regards,Steve

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