Texas father and husband's health ruined

My husband has been diagnosed with neuroretinitis, marcus-gunn pupil, and other problems along with this.  It has been almost two years and we have no definite cause for this.  He has had 2 MRI's done and Multiple Schlerosis has been ruled out. Lab work has also ruled out many other illnesses and diseases.

For at least five years straight, we had a severe flea infestation.  Because the weather is so warm in Texas, this was a constant battle.  My husband would spray with Dursban, at least twice a week, front and back yard, sometimes more often.   He was the one that was administering the insecticide to the lawn.  The symptoms didn't occur immediately.  His vision began deteriorating slowing with severe headaches accompanying them until he was legally blind.  Migrane headaches were ruled out by a neurologist.

My son had "epileptic" seizures shortly after this.  He took medication for about three years and now has been seizure free for several years, so for the moment he is okay.

Please, we don't know where to turn anymore.  We would like questions answered.

My husband now takes Prednisone for the inflammation of his optic nerve, sometimes this pain is intolerable for him.

Anything you can help with please.

 Gilbert & Rose Marie Ramos

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