West Auckland, New Zealand - Smothered in Foray 48B, Govt. ignores pleas of citizens to stop

Many West Auckland, New Zealand residents, their children and animals, are experiencing severe allergic reactions to Foray 48B Btk spray and the secret, inert chemicals it contains, currently being aerially sprayed every 3 weeks, over their homes and schools, for the Painted Apple Moth.

The government is paying to evacuate at least 21 people every time they spray and is paying their specialists' bills. Spraying takes place over children eating their lunch in the school playgrounds. The government is to make a decision after the General Elections re extending the spraying to the rest of Auckland. 

Helen Wiseman-Dare, Independent Candidate for Te Atatu and Chairperson, WASP (West Aucklanders Against Aerial Spraying) is appalled that aerial spraying is to continue despite the fact that Biosecurity Minister Jim Sutton has stated he has no way of knowing whether the Painted Apple Moth is a serious pest in New Zealand or even whether eradication would be successful. 

He admits that no one in the world has done any real research on the moth.

Ms Wiseman-Dare is extremely concerned that in spite of this, a seventh aerial spray is to take place on 13 July, this time involving an extended area of up to 900 hectares - 3,000 properties, including the New Lynn shopping and commercial centre and Lynnmall.

She says that to date residents have received no notification. She is particularly concerned for the large number of elderly who live in the area and those passing through or shopping in New Lynn who will be caught in the spray.

She is also concerned that Mr Sutton is claiming that the Btk spray has a proven safety record. The Public Health Service has refused to do a properly funded cohort study which would prove the long term safety of Foray 48B. In the meantime, she says, the people of West Auckland are being used as guinea pigs. Many are suffering from illnesses they have never had before in their lives and feel their concerns are being ignored by government.

5 July 2002

Helen Wiseman-Dare
Independent Electorate Candidate for Te Atatu
Chairperson, WASP (West Aucklanders Against Aerial Spraying) 
09 827 2516
2/62 Delta Ave
New Lynn, Auckland

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