Did exposure to chemicals and pesticides cause this??

BRANTFORD - Investigations continue into the death of Walter Cerretti as Nu-Gro Corporation mourns the loss of the popular employee.

Cerretti, 33, was found dead Thursday. He had been making a delivery to Antler Weed and Pest Control on Roy Boulevard.

The provincial labour ministry is trying to determine how Cerretti died in what is believed to have been an industrial accident at the lawn and garden business.

Sherry Stewart, vice-president of human resources and administration for Nu-Gro, said Cerretti had been with the firm for about two and a half years.

"He was an excellent employee, extremely well-liked by Nu-Gro, and our customers loved him."

Police were called to Antler Weed and Pest Control at about 9 a.m., when Cerretti's body was discovered. No details about the death were released.

"It's one of those things that will take a few days to unravel," said Sgt. Ramona Ryan.

A spokesperson for the labour ministry said the deceased worker was employed by Nu-Gro Corporation of Woodstock, Ontario, and was delivering supplies to Antler Weed and Pest Control when the incident occurred. Nu-Gro Corporation provides fertilizer, pest control, ice melter, and horticultural products to the lawn and garden and professional markets.

Cerretti had unloaded one pallet from the flatbed truck in the parking lot area and was in the process of moving another pallet that was situated in the parking lot to make space.

He was found dead between the front frame of a Bobcat and the back mast. The Bobcat belonged to Nu-Gro Corporation.


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