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Took the time to check out your mosquito web site. My god but it is magnificent. You two are to be commended for all that you do to help so many., no lie 

with admiration, 
Doris Rapp, MD

Dear Steve, it occurred to me recently that the wonderful knowledge that you have might be spread more broadly more quickly by means of a newspaper column where you might answer pest control problems.  I know a few newspapers that might be interested in such a novel approach.  Would you like me to approach them on your behalf?  I would like to see your work nationally syndicated in all the major newspapers in this country.  There are gardening columns, car repair columns, advice to the lovelorn columns, and even computer help columns.  Why not non-toxic pest control as an added feature?  I think this would be a very popular item in local newspapers.  People might send you questions that you could respond to just like these other columnists do.  If you would be interested, let me know and I will see what I can do.  No guarantees, but I will certainly make the effort.

I was recently at a wildlife conference at a place called White Oak Plantation on the Georgia-Florida border.  They are very interested in developing alternatives to pesticide use there.  I talked to them about your work and they were interested.  They have many different kinds of pest problems there, including fire ants.  I can't remember your recipe for it, but if I could forward that to them on your behalf, I would bet they would invite you down there for a much broader presentation on pest control.  It would also be a superb place to showcase your work, since the elite from all over the world pass through there regularly.  one of their primary focus areas is protection of rare and endangered species.  Wildlife people, especially veterinarians come through their regularly.  This would be a great way to expand your opportunities into zoos all over the world and into habitats where there are substantial conservation efforts going on.

Let me know what you think. Very best wishes, Warren Porter


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