Safety concerns for people, pets and the environment...
(a note from Steve Tvedten, President, Get Set, Inc.)
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There are over 70,000 synthetic, industrial chemicals and pesticides in use today. They are used daily for pest control and maintenance functions such as cleaning and waste treatment. The Environmental Protection Agency recently acknowledged that it is basically impossible to adequately test all the possible combinations of these synthetic chemicals - and the effects of chemical interactions - produced by the multiple use of common products. Such chemical combinations may lead to new, unpredictably toxic compounds. From solvents to pesticides, the potential risk created by this murky "toxic brew" is quite real. The rational answer is to stop or at least minimize your personal use of all volatile, synthetic chemicals and pesticides whenever possible.

Many scientists believe the interaction of industrial and consumer pollution and all of the resulting global changes are creating an atmosphere that may no longer be able to support healthy life and our climate system will continue to become even more chaotic. Our current political systems are totally inadequate in even evaluating the environment and health effects of our current industrial "technology", much less than having any substantial effect in controlling the resulting contamination caused by the mega corporations that are now larger than many nations and are only concerned with protecting their profits.

We know there are alternatives not currently being made public by most media sources and certainly not the chemical companies... You have the right to know!

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