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Environmental Health Coalition Located in San Diego, California.  Environmental Health Coalition is one of the oldest and most effective grassroots organizations in the United States, using social change strategies to achieve environmental justice. 
Kids for Saving Earth (KSE)  The mission of KSE is to educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment. KSE Worldwide provides action-oriented educational materials to kids, families, groups, classrooms and schools. Our campaign focuses on the deception that the citizens of Western Australia have suffered due to State Government agencies. Western Australia has many dying of mesothelioma. Totally avoidable.
Bill Murawski for
Public Advocate
New York City has a friend and needs a advocate.  
Pesticide Action Network UK  Pesticide Action Network UK promotes healthy food, agriculture and an environment which will provide food and meet public health needs without dependence on toxic chemicals, and without harm to food producers and agricultural workers.
Green Decade Coalition - Newton, MA We are people living or working in Newton and neighboring communities, including representatives of  community organizations, institutions and businesses.  We are working together to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems facing our city and our world. 
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM is a non-profit organization supported by over 5,000 physicians and 100,000 laypersons.  Encourage higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research.  Site has many articles on chemicals, pesticides and information families need to help and protect their families.
Indigenous Environmental Network The Indigenous Environmental Network is an alliance of grassroots indigenous peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth from contamination and exploitation by strengthening maintaining and respecting the traditional teachings and the natural laws. 
Nova Scotia Allergy and
Environmental Health Association
The Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association is   a volunteer, non-profit, advocacy action,& educational organization.
Center for Ethics and Toxics (CETOS) A a non-profit environmental group dedicated to protecting vulnerable and susceptible populations. We do this by providing educational information on the risks of exposure to potentially hazardous toxic substances and infectious agents, and by acting directly to encourage new policies designed to reduce toxic risks. 
Asthma Moms Families Helping Families Manage Asthma
Monsanto vs Schmeiser
The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle...
Percy Schmeiser is a farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan Canada whose Canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Canola. Monsanto's position is that it doesn't matter whether Schmeiser knew or not
that his canola field was contaminated with the Roundup Ready gene and that he must pay their Technology Fee.
National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides Beyond Pesticides/NCAMP provides the public with useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use. With this information, people can and do protect themselves and the environment from the potential adverse public health and environmental effects associated with the use and misuse of pesticides. 
Earth Web Project The Earth Web is a reflection of the Web of Life. a web in which, in the words of Chief Seattle, "all things are connected."   Presenting personal stories, videos and more on the effects of the chemical and pesticide poisoning of the earth and its people.
Canadians Against Pesticides (CAPS) Canadians Against PesticideS is a grass-roots, activist organization dedicated to banning all pesticides known or suspected of having deleterious effects on humans (especially children) and wildlife.
Environmental Health Network EHN is staffed by volunteers who are living with Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Site is a tremendous resources of links to dozens of subjects.  A must visit for individuals or groups seeking information on MCS and other environment topics.  EHN's action page, covering diverse health topics, generally with deadlines attached. For example, EHN's FDA petition regarding Eternity by Calvin Klein. 
Protect all Children's Environment PACE exists to respond to the need for comfort and support by pesticide victims providing support to fellow pesticide survivors on an all volunteer, not-for-profit basis. There are no charges for information, counseling or other services.  PACE is unique in that true empathy is expressed through shared experience. 
Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs) CATs was founded in 1982 by community groups throughout Northern California to serve as a resource center for information and action about hazardous chemicals, especially pesticides, and to promote alternatives to their use. Researches forest pesticide use, Raw wood imports, roadside herbicides,methyl bromide and much more. 
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility Studies and information to further educate the medical community on the linkages between environmental exposures and health.  Assist community groups with technical issues relating to human health and environmental exposure. and more...
Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice The Center’s goal is to bring groups of people together to find opportunities for cooperation, agreement and problem solving. We work with community groups in developing and sustaining democratically based, participatory organizations that promote involvement of a diverse segment of the community in ways that empower.
Mothers Organized To Stop Environmental Sins M.O.S.E.S is a citizen's group moved to action so that our families and especially our children can live a life free of fear and exposure to toxic substances. M.O.S.E.S. is about citizens rightfully in charge of their own community and future. - environmental health questions The Environmental Health Clearinghouse provides substantive information and key documents on a variety of environmental health issues.
Northwest Coalition For Alternatives To Pesticides (NCAP) The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) works to protect people and the environment by advancing healthy solutions to pest problems.
Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP) Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Asia and the Pacific is one of the five regional centres of PAN International - a global coalition of  citizens' groups and individuals, who are working to promote sustainable agriculture, and oppose the use of pesticides
The Hunger Site Donate food at not cost to you.  Feed the world.
Informed Choices Pesticides, Wetlands and the Game of Golf.  ...educating the general public on the hazards of pesticide or chemical use.
No Spray Zone - Washington State We are a community based citizen group dedicated to ecologically
sound pest management practices that do not compromise public
Pesticide Watch Pesticide Watch and Pesticide Watch Education Fund are sister organizations dedicated to fighting dangerous pesticide use in California communities.  This site has information and links for concerned citizens of California.  Great place to get involved.
Chemical Illness
Chemical Mis-Use Report Form
Report Pesticide/Chemical Exposure
Mindfully The goal of is to provide information that people on limited budgets who would not obtain this information otherwise. is to be used as a nonprofit research tool. There are over 3,500 files presently, and that number grows daily. Thanks to an understanding host we are allowed to grow. 
Society Targeting Overuse of Pesticides (STOP) British Columbia based group that is working to end aerial spraying for moths.  Contains valuable information on the pesticide Bt and more.
Southfork Groundwater Taskforce The South Fork Groundwater Task Force is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization made up of concerned citizens from the Towns of Southampton and East Hampton (Long Island, New York). Its goal is to protect the South Fork's groundwater from contamination, depletion and misuse. 
Louisiana Pesticides
and Bug Wars
Articles and Research links.  By a citizen who has been poisoned.
Say No to GMOs Grassroots education, activities and resources in Texas 
for consumer choice and a genetically viable future


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