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Children's Environmental Health Network Children are growing and developing. They eat more food, drink more water and breathe more air for their size making them more vulnerable to potential environmental dangers including pesticides, chemicals and air pollution. 
Protect all Children's Environment PACE exists to respond to the need for comfort and support by pesticide victims providing support to fellow pesticide survivors on an all volunteer, not-for-profit basis. There are no charges for information, counseling or other services.  PACE is unique in that true empathy is expressed through shared experience. 
Children’s Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC) Issues on protecting children and preventing childhood cancers and other illnesses.
Dr. Doris Rapp Board Certified in Allergy Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine
Kids for Saving Earth (KSE)  The mission of KSE is to educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment. KSE Worldwide provides action-oriented educational materials to kids, families, groups, classrooms and schools. 
Birth Defect Research for Children Sponsors the National Birth Defect Registry a research project that looks for links between birth defects and exposures to environmental toxins like pesticides. Works to prevent birth defects through research and assist families with support and information.
Feingold® Association Alternatives to drugs for children and adults with behavior problems that may stem from food additives


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