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Environmental Health Network EHN - An advocacy organization -- a resource site. MCS - Fragrances
Washington State MCS
WSMCSN is a decentralized network for people with MCS
in Washington State in which we share information about
MCS in order to encouraging understanding and acceptance.
North Carolina Chemical Injury Network  NCCIN provides latest updates, new articles and links to issues affecting the chemically injured and MCS sufferers.
Environmental Illness Society of Canada  EISC's mission is to provide education, support families dealing with this illness.  Site provides education and supportive links.  Also highlights legislation which impacts issues on environmental illness.
Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance The Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA) was formed when it was discovered that there was no organisation that was dedicated exclusively to providing support for chemically affected people. Members have access to the following services: counselling, advice, referrals to appropriate medical and legal practitioners, and introductions to other members for mutual support.
Ecological Health Alliance Ecological Health Alliance
Allergy & Environmental Health Association of Canada
British Columbia Branch
Earth Web Project The Earth Web is a reflection of the Web of Life. a web in which, in the words of Chief Seattle, "all things are connected."   Presenting personal stories, videos and more on the effects of the chemical and pesticide poisoning of the earth and its people. 
National Coalition for the Chemically Injured NCCI's purpose is to foster an active national coalition of support groups and non-profit advocacy organizations that serve the needs of people with chemical sensitivity disorders. 
Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) Focuses primarily on education, credible research into Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), and the empowerment of the chemically injured.
MCS Referral & Resources Professional outreach, patient support, and public advocacy devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, and Prevention of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorders 
Protect all Children's Environment PACE exists to respond to the need for comfort and support by pesticide victims providing support to fellow pesticide survivors on an all volunteer, not-for-profit basis. There are no charges for information, counseling or other services.  PACE is unique in that true empathy is expressed through shared experience. 
Washington Toxics Coalition All of the Washington Toxics Coalition's work is designed to build the movement for toxics reform. Three of our top project areas are household toxics, pesticides, and industrial toxics. Our work includes public education, grassroots organizing, research and technical support, and policy development.
MCSurvivors A Resource Web Site for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Environmental Illness
Dr. Doris Rapp Board Certified in Allergy Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine
Fishwood Environmental Home Page Much important and vital environmental/nutritional health information is available. The following sections will help you PREVENT cancer and many other serious diseases BEFORE you get sick and/or have to spend large amounts on drugs and expensive hospital treatment.
MCS Awarness Week It is an Illness with No Known Cure Treatment Consists of Avoidance of Toxic Chemicals 


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