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Thimmakka:  Resources for Environmental Education Voicing the health and environmental concerns of south Asians globally. We mobilize the urban consumer on issues related to our health and the environment. 
Jim Hightower Jim Hightower's new Web Action Center -- a work in progress for progressive values.
Blazing Tattles Linking pollution to health, weather, and ecosystems, and sustainability.
Safe2Use A growing directory of research, articles and pesticide information.  This is a commercial site but this does not detract from the importance and volume of information provided.
Mindfully News article and research on a variety of topics effecting the economic and environmental health issues.
Fishwood Environmental Home Page Much important and vital environmental/nutritional health information is available. The following sections will help you PREVENT cancer and many other serious diseases BEFORE you get sick and/or have to spend large amounts on drugs and expensive hospital treatment.
National Writers Union of Southeast Michigan The union for freelance writers working in U.S. markets.
Environmental Health Network EHN is staffed by volunteers who are living with Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Site is a tremendous resources of links to dozens of subjects.  A must visit for individuals or groups seeking information on MCS and other environment topics.  EHN's action page, covering diverse health topics, generally with deadlines attached. For example, EHN's FDA petition regarding Eternity by Calvin Klein. 
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility Studies and information to further educate the medical community on the linkages between environmental exposures and health.  Assist community groups with technical issues relating to human health and environmental exposure. and more... - environmental health questions The Environmental Health Clearinghouse provides substantive information and key documents on a variety of environmental health issues.


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